Products - VISCO description

VISCO is a software component that makes it incredibly easy to display images on high-end level. The OpenGL-based graphics engine is available or can be configured to match all the major representation formats. It has been designed to serve two purposes:

Firstly, as an integrated component part of an application that uses CORBA-API to activate VISCO and, secondly, as a stand-alone VISCO application, which can work autonomously or be activated from an external source.

VISCO can be expanded to encompass the following features, which means that it can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. VISCO enables you to combine incredibly fast imaging with image-editing functions, as well as enabling 2D/3D (VISCO 3D) mapping with locational functionality.

It can also be combined with a GIS system that makes it possible to evaluate customer data according to geographical specifics. Its open architecture makes it possible to integrate new data formats into the system at any time. To this end, the VISCO offers maximum integratability.

Modules such as Timeserver provide an interface for imaging time-related data. This makes it easy to visualize a time-line with, for example, a history.

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