Services - Support


We can provide you with active support in choosing, implementing and integrating M4Com products, as well as with how to use M4Com-based products effectively and successfully. M4Com will stand by you throughout the project, from the design to the test phase. Our company is characterized by its comprehensive experience in challenging software design and development and by its expertise in arriving at the right solution. We invite you to draw on our extensive know-how and to benefit from our years of experience.

Test Conditions

Substantial testing in our laboratory is designed to make the solutions very portable, secure and accessible to a large number of operating systems. Our tests are always carried out on your current operating system version.


We guarantee fixes and patches. Maintenance is assurance for a productive and up-to-date IT environment. For all operating system versions of the M4Com product, we maintain hardware for all current configurations. This enables us to react quickly to all inquires, support questions and maintenance issues.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk is available for you to use within the framework of all existing support agreements. As a registered user of M4Com products, our Help Desk and support services are available for you to use.

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