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LICENSE is available in 3 versions

LICENSE Basic Edition

  • The Basic Edition version offers effective and secure protection for computer-based applications. It also makes it possible to secure the application using user-defined IDs. An unlimited number of options are available for each application that requires licensing protection. The Basic Edition also features time-limit, purge date and demo version functions.

LICENSE Standard Edition

  • As well as offering all the features of the Basic Edition, the Standard Edition also offers the floating license option.

LICENSE Professional Edition

  • In addition to all the features of the Standard Edition, the Professional Edition comes with a web activation option.

LICENSE is a software licensing component that provides your software with fast and reliable protection against improper use. LICENSE enables you to introduce your own secure software licensing system.

The LICENSE software licensing component:

  • offers comprehensive protection against the copying of software
  • makes it possible to create demo and time-limited software versions
  • makes it possible to administrate and selectively activate an unlimited number of software modules
  • supports floating license (concurrent user checking)
  • makes it possible to generate licenses automatically in intranet and shop systems
  • Web activation

LICENSE consists of the following modules:


LICENSE - Lizenz Generator

License Generator is the application used to generate license files and activation tickets.

The application offers the following easy-to-use features:

  • Configuration of the software products to be licensed using default values for modules, time-limitation (purge date), demo version or number of licenses.
  • Editing existing license data records
  • Creating licensing files using defined customer and license information
  • Creating activation tickets using defined customer and licensing information for use with the web activation server
  • Archiving the generated licensing information in the database
  • Printing out the licensing information for records
  • Individual "strong encryption" licensing information

The License Generator requires:

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

LICENSE - Lizenz Manager

The License Manager makes it easy to administrate customer data and licensing information. Licensing information encompasses all the applications of a particular customer with detailed information at a module level. You can generate license files or tickets directly from the administration interface. The License Manager also makes administration and support functionalities available for interested parties.

The License Manager offers the following features

  • Maintenance of address and contact information
  • Detailed information about the applications at module level, including hotline and service contract details
  • Generating license files and tickets directly from the administration interface

The License Manager requires

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

LICENSE - Lizenz Viewer

The License Viewer is a separate application. It covers all customer-side administration tasks:

  • Displays all licensing information such as available modules, expiry date and other options
  • Displays license status
  • Displays all users and the option to activate or deactivate them
  • Import of activation tickets by the user

License Viewer requires

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP, oder
  • Linux
  • Java Runtime

LICENSE - Lizenz Server

The License Server is used to administrate licenses belonging to simultaneous users across networks (floating license). It administrates licenses centrally and processes licensing inquires in the network.

The License Server offers a concurrent user checking feature. If a computer running a licensed application sticks or an application crashes, this is automatically recognized and the license is enabled automatically. An active service has to be available on the server to do this.

License Server requires

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP, oder
  • Linux

LICENSE - Web Activation Server

The Web Activation and Registration module is an out-of-the-box solution that makes it possible to activate or modify licences online. Only one cue is necessary and the LICENSE-protected application connects to the registration server and carries out the following operations:

  • Activate software copy protection
  • Alter licensing information - i.e. from the demo to the full version
  • Terminate time-limitation
  • Online license validation
  • The registration server checks to make sure that each ticket can only be redeemed once. Every action is logged on a database. This is done to make sure that tickets cannot be passed on to others and used more than once.

The Web Activation Server requires

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

The Web Activation Server is not delivered to end customers.

LICENSE - Software Development Kit

The SDK requires

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/ XP, oder
  • Linux
  • A compiler for the language bindings available
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