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GISCO BaseServer

The GISCO Base Server is GISCO's core component. Depending on the modules available, it offers all GIS functionalities as an interface for the integration of other applications. It also offers basic functionalities such as simple spatial requests.

The GISCO Base Server aids geo date conversion and the transformation of geodata objects.

The GISCO Base Server contains geo-format support for the following standards:

  • EPSG support
  • WKT support
  • Proj 4 support
  • WGS84 to Swiss (LV03 / LV95)
  • Visco XML Geo Definition
  • Spatial Reference Definition

WKT-based date conversion (Well Known Text String)

  • WKT to WGS84
  • WGS84 to WKT
  • WKT Source Koord. To WKT Destination Koord.

Different output formates

  • UTM
  • MGRS
  • UPS

GISCO Manager

GISCO Manager is an administrator tool based on the OpenGIS Standard. It makes it possible to connect, administrate and convert GIS files from different spatial data providers (Oracle, PostGIS etc.). This means that the GISCO Manager can be used to view existing data files in an entirely new way.

The GISCO Manager assists in administrating and organising GIS data files. It organizes the data files according to subject in a logical structure. The GISCO Manager makes it easy to restructure and optimize administrated GIS data files. It also offers import, export and migration functions.

The GISCO Manager offers:

  • Automatic connection to different geo-data sources (Oracle, OGR- ...)
  • Editing of the data model's structure
  • Editing of the database's content
  • Administration of different geo-data objects
  • Generation, expansion and allocation of geo-data meta information
  • Import / export functions

GISCO Analyse

GISCO Analysis offers GIS-database-based quantity inquiries and search operations. The following functions are available based on the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) Simple Features Specification for SQL:

The following functions are available:

  • spatial predicates (based on the DE-9IM model)
  • overlay functions (intersection, difference, union, symmetric difference)
  • buffer
  • convex hull
  • area and distance functions
  • topological validity checking

API supports a user-definable precision model and contains coding for stable geometric calculations. In addition to this, it contains spatial indexing classes.

The following data types are supported:

  • Point
  • Multipoint
  • Line-String
  • Linear-Ring
  • Multi-Line-String
  • Polygon
  • Multi-Polygon
  • Geometry-Collection

Geometric object inquiries

  • equals
  • disjoint
  • intersects
  • touches
  • crosses
  • within
  • contains
  • overlaps
  • relate


OGC Compliant WMS 1.1.1

Uses VISCO as a Fat Client Standard "Browser" visualisation tool

Supports the following inquires and functionalities

  • GetMap
  • GetCapabilities
  • MultiLayerDescriptions
  • Time-Dependant-Data
  • Vertical Dimensions
  • Additional Dimensions
  • Vendor Specific Parameters
  • Exceptions
  • GetFeatureInfo
  • Styles
  • Additional Metadata Options
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